Best Moving Company in Dubai

There is no shortage of moving companies in the UAE, or Dubai for that matter. Choosing one of them for your relocation needs can be a difficult decision. To help you with the process, here are 3 moving and packing companies that you can choose without hesitation.

ISS Worldwide Movers

ISS Worldwide, as the name suggests, has operations spanning across the globe. They are one of the biggest names in the movers and packers space, and also one of the biggest operating in the UAE. You cannot go wrong with them.

They started their operations in the year 1995, and pretty soon, they were providing services worldwide. Other services that are offered include storage facilities and office moving. Moving an office can be very different to moving from your house, and that is why they have mentioned it separately.

Twiga Movers

Twiga Movers started their operations recently in the year 2011. They are not even a decade old yet, but have quickly captured a good portion of the market. Twiga Movers is a member of the prestigious ARA (Asian Relocation Association) which means they are more reliable and trustworthy than many others who are yet to make a name for themselves.

Elite Shipping

Elite Shipping is another old and reputable Dubai movers and packers that was established in the year 2007. Although they are a shipping company, they also use their logistics arm to provide excellent relocation service to individuals in the UAE who are looking to relocate. Not only this, they also provide services to third-party smaller relocation services.

Elite Shipping is a member of the UFO (Universal Freight Forwarding Organisation) which is very reputable and difficult to get into. You can hire their services to move both your house and office. They are known to be affordable and reliable.