Best Moving Companies in the UAE

Here, you will find a small but resourceful list of some of the best moving companies in the UAE. Let’s begin:

Phoenix Worldwide Movers

Phoenix Worldwide Movers is a packers and movers company that is based out of Dubai. Though their head office is in the heart of UAE, they have offices all over the world. They are known to be one of the quickest movers in the country. They have prompt services and like to stay ahead of schedule.

Quick Movers and Packers

Another movers and packers company that is known to provide quick solutions to your moving problems. They started their company way back in 2008, and have been solving moving problems ever since. Their services are more affordable than most other competitors in the market. This makes them a better choice if you are cash strapped. It is worth noting that their staff was trained by none other than furniture magnate, the founder of IKEA.

PM Movers

PM Movers has successfully turned itself into a leading brand. They established their office in the year 2003, which makes them even older than ISS Worldwide. They are working in the packers and movers space for more than 14 years now. They provide separate services for office and home moving requirements.

Al Sabaa International Movers

Al Sabaa International Movers are very well known in the industry to be punctual, on time, and having professional work ethics. Operating in the UAE for well over 10 years now, Al Sabaa International Movers is a member of the International Association of Movers (IAM).

CSS Homeward Bound

CSS Homeward Bound, a packers and movers company that was established in 1995, is just over 2 decades old. No other company has more experience in this space than them. They are a proud member of CAM (Canadian Association of Movers) and IAM (International Association of Movers).