5 More Tips for Moving into a New Apartment

In the last post, we shared top 5 tips that would help you move into a new apartment. Here are five more tips and tricks that will help when the move is over and you are easing into your new home:

  • Make sure you know where the garbage and recycling goes. This is important because as you unpack, you will have empty boxes, packages and garbage and no shortage of it. Make sure you know where to take it, whether you have moved to a house and need to k now when garbage day is, or you live in a high rise and seek the garbage chute.
  • Every building is unique in terms of the size of elevators, stairs, doors, and windows. Therefore, you need to measure everything to make sure that when the time comes, you can push that sofa set through the door. Otherwise, it can be an issue.
  • Unpack room by room. This will help may the task less daunting and will help your house become a home more quickly.
  • The less number of boxes you have, the better it will be for you at the time of moving in. Be ruthless and get rid of anything and everything that you haven’t used for a long time. Clean that storeroom. Make sure you are not carrying useless items into your new apartment.
  • It is possible that the new apartment needs some renovation like painting, light, etc. If that is the case then it is recommended that you take care of it well in advance. Don’t wait for the furniture to arrive because, after that, it will be difficult to move things around and renovate the whole place.

Take a lot of pictures of both the old and the new apartment. This will help you set up your furniture and other items accordingly.