Moving Tips and Tricks

Moving can be a challenge, no matter where you live and no matter if you are moving down the street or across the globe. Here are some pro tips and tricks that will help make your life easier:

  • If you have IKEA furniture, you can easily take it apart which is a wise move because it will help you move in and out of doors and elevators easily and quickly. Choosing furniture often comes down to how much money you can afford spending, which can be based on what kind of mortgage and rates you have. You can use a local tool like mortgage calculator Dubai to asses what your rates will be and after that you know what furniture you can afford. For instance furniture that is as easy to disassemble is smart as it is easy to move.
  • Always place smaller items in the back of the truck that you have hired to move your stuff. This is because the bulky items, like furniture, will be required to be moved in first. Once you are finished restoring the bulky items, it will be relatively easy to take care of the smaller items.
  • There is really no need to pack your clothes by folding them up in neat stacks and putting them in a suitcase. You can carry your clothes on hangers and just hang them back where they belong, in the closet. Avoid the unnecessary hassle.
  • Every moving truck has a rental policy and yours will have it too as every health insurance company in Dubai have there policies. It is important to know about the rental policy of your truck. Rental policies are made to clarify the requirements of driving, finance and insurance, damages, and uncertainties like accidents. It is important that you pay attention to this because, in the unlikely event that something happens, you may have to bear losses which is what you don’t want.
  • Even if you are hiring movers and packers to help you move into a new apartment, you will still need your friends and relatives, someone responsible and reliable to help you with managing everything. Therefore, you want to move on the weekends so that your friends will be able to come over for the party.